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News of the company

Hungarian Silicones Ltd.

Trading company "Hungarian Silicones Ltd." founded in 2013 in Szolnok, Hungary and together with the production company Unisil Hungary Kft. is part of an international group of manufacturing and trading companies.

The main field of activity of the company is the promotion of our brand, as well as products of other manufacturers for the European industrial and civil construction, the production of building materials, the chemical industry.

The range of products sold by our enterprise includes more than 200 different types of products, mainly based on organosilicon.

All products are made according to the best recipes, on modern equipment and meet the highest market standards, which is confirmed by European certificates and many positive reviews from our customers.

Among our other advantages:

- availability of basic products in stock and the possibility of delivery as soon as possible;

- quality assurance of supplied products and constant technical support online or on-site technical specialists;

- availability of our own laboratories for quality control, development of new products or modification of existing ones;

We are ready to offer you an individual solution that best suits your needs in terms of quality and cost.

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