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Production Centre in Szolnok is almost ready to run

12 March 2013


In the near future in Szolnok in the Northern Great Plain region, in central Hungary, planned to launch a new plant for the production of silicon-organic products for a wide range of applications.

Now its the final stage of installation of the equipment and preparing of the plant to run.

All necessary formalities for registration are agreed.

For the first time the plant will produce silicon-organic liquids and emulsions for  hydrophobic (water repellent) effect to materials intended for construction, as well as for domestic use. More information about the effect of water repellent you can find in the "Useful Information".

Among our products there are also release (anti adhesion) agents for industrial use, epoxy floor compositions, roofing mastics and liquid to prevent the formation of dust.

We are focused on the industrial market as well as the civil market. Among our advantages such as quality and price, you can see the most important - it is our individual approach to each particular situation. Depending on your requirements and capabilities, we are able to change the recipe of our products and give the properties that suit exactly to you.

Despite the fact that the plant will start only this year, all of our personnel are professionals with experience of more than twenty years. It refers both to the executive and our technological team.

We strive to keep up with the times, to focus not only on past achievements but also to conduct our own research in chemistry of silicones, generate new and useful ideas.

Our production center in Szolnok should be the link which will develop our relationship and create the future in association with you.






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