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Grand opening of the silicone-organic materials production center

12 July 2013

In July, the ceremony on the opening of the newly established industrial complex "Unisil" for the manufacture of chemical products for different purposes of the construction industry has been held.

The construction and installation of production lines are largely due to investments of the European Union in the framework of the project "Széchenyi Terv"

The company has a territory of 6 hectares, on which production facilities have a total area of 1360 square meters and warehouses have a total area of 1725 square meters.

The office building for the staff has a total area of 1000 m².

The total production capacity of finished products per shift is at least 2000 tonnes / year.

The opening of this plant is intended to strengthen the position of the Corporation on the European market and open a new page in the history of our company.

The opening ceremony, filmed by local TV, was held with the participation of:

by the government - Deputy Secretary of State on communication policy development Chepregi Nandor,

by the municipality of Solnok city - Ivan Molnar,

by the founder of the company - Mr. Veres István

We also held a demonstration launch of the production line for water emulsion SE 50-94.
Before the end of the year we plan to achieve an optimal production capacity to execute all orders coming from Hungary as well as orders transferred from other companies of the Corporation.

The company "Unisil" is grateful to everyone involved into creation of this industrial complex. We are confident that through our cooperation we are able to operate successfully and provide the market with quality and affordable products.


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