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Products for foundry industry

Highly-concentrated emulsion that can be used as - release (antiadhesive) lubricant for molds that contact with metals, concrete, gypsum, baking, etc. and also for forms creation to Lost Wax Casting.

Roofing and waterproofing mastics

Materials for creation of universal roof coverings with special requirements, and also for the repair and sealing of various structural elements.                            

Epoxy floors

System of Epoxy primers and fillers for creating of seamless and durable self-leveling floor in different areas with high requirements as to the durability and decorative qualities.

Water-repellent agents

Protection materials for different construction materials against water - all the water stay on a surface as a drops.

Products for oil and gas industry

Organosilicone plugging materials and modifiers of drilling fluids.

Special agents for protection of mineral wool (rock wool) and glass wool

The organosilicon emulsions for hydrophobic and dust protection to fiber glass mats and mats of mineral wool.

Silicone resins

Vast range of protective varnishes with Electric insulating and Heat-resistant properties. For metal and other materials.

Silicone materials for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries
- enteral sorbent
- phenyl trimethicone

Epoxy resins

Materials used as an impregnating compounds and alos as the components for creation a variety of protective enamels.

Silicone enamels

Protective enamels with Heat-resistant properties for metals and Hydrofobic properties for facades.

Water dispersed paints

Ready to use, environmentally friendly paints with vapor permeation effect - what allows the surface to breathe. Good weatherproofing.

Alkyd-based enamels and primers

The coatings with enamels has excellent weather resistance, frost and moisture resistance, resistance to direct sunlight.


Liquids have a lot of arreas application - among them - in equipment as damping fluid.

Ethylsilicate products

Binders, mould agents and hydrophobic coatings for facade based on ethilsilicate.

Anticorrosion products

Epoxy and polyurethane - base materials on for creating protective corrosion resistant coatings on various surfaces.



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The main applications of silicon organic resins

The main applications of silicon organic resins

Silicone additives to concrete

Silicone additives to concrete

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