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KOVA Polish

21 March 2022

Under the influence of temperature differences, moisture, ultraviolet rays and mechanical stress, leather products and furniture undergo aging and lose their consumer properties over time - they fade, crack, lose elasticity, let moisture through, etc.
To extend the service life, it is necessary to protect such products using polishes.
A huge number of various cleaning and polishing products are currently being produced.
Polishes based on silicone liquids or emulsions are widely used.
To protect the above products, Hungarian Silicones offers polishes KOVA Polish, which contain an aqueous silicone emulsion with conditioning additives and non-ionic surfactants, preservative and fragrance.
All of our polishes contain silicon organic polydimethylsiloxane liquid, which has unique properties such as:
  • resistance to weathering, ultraviolet, oxidation;
  • they are hydrophobic, elastic, glossy, have an antistatic effect.
They also contain non-ionic surfactants (surfactant additives), which improve the quality of the foam and the stability of the finished product, especially at low temperatures, protect materials from dryness and cracking.
And conditioning additives are introduced to stabilize or enhance the properties of polishes.

Hungarian Silicones polishes have the following properties:
  • provide freshness and gloss of the processed surface;
  • prevent premature drying of wood;
  • do not affect the painted and varnished surface;
  • create a durable film, preventing the penetration of moisture into the furniture, thereby protecting against wood swelling;
  • cover small scratches;
  • effectively clean from grease, dirt, fingerprints, does not leave greasy marks;
  • provide antistatic effect, reducing dust sticking.
Hungarian Silicones polishes are used for:
  • care for plastic, leather, rubber and vinyl surfaces of the car interior;
  • giving freshness to worn leather shoes and to maintain the elasticity of leather products, accessories (handbags, straps);
  • maintenance of furniture made of natural wood, MDF, chipboard (veneered, laminated), plastic, painted surfaces, protection against premature cracks in furniture.
Suitable for all types of surfaces, both polished and matt.
Hungarian Silicones polish is applied to the surface, previously cleaned of dirt, evenly in a thin layer, for which it is necessary to shake the product, set the nozzle to the “Spray” position and apply it to the surface with a spray gun. Wipe the treated surface with a dry cloth or a napkin until it shines.
Do not use on floors, as the product contains substances that can make the floor slippery.
Store in a cool, dry place at temperatures from 0°C to 25°C, out of direct sunlight.
The shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture.

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