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Launch of the new production hall

20 July 2015

 Hungarian Silicones is pleased to announce a launching of a new workshop in Szolnok production facility!

From now we are able to produce an epoxy and polyurethane based flooring coatings. Basically it is possible to create a plenty varieties of flooring coatings depending on its thickness (protective efficiency) and also decorative properties by usage of different quartz sand of colored chips.
Other group of products that will be produced in new workshops – is a liquid roofing and waterproofing mastics for almost every substrate.

All these products were already developed by other companies that included in our Group. That means that we are able not only produce and sell these two group of products but also provide every customer with competent assistance in questions of application and further maintenance.

More information you can find on our web-site in section "Products"

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