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Unisil Tire Conditioner

06 July 2022

Unisil Tire Conditioner is a universal product for the care and preservation of car tires.


All rubber products, including tires, age and lose their consumer properties over time. This is caused by temperature changes, changes in humidity levels, ultraviolet rays and mechanical stress. In this case, the tires fade, become covered with micro cracks, and lose their elasticity.


To prolong the life of tires, protect them with Unisil Tire Conditioner.


Unisil Tire Conditioner:

- Restores the original appearance of tires

- Protects against premature aging and retains rubber properties

- Suitable for all types of tires (summer / winter / all-season tires)

- Provides hydrophobic properties.

- Resistant to detergents



Unisil Tire Conditioner is easy to apply to the surface. To do this, apply a small amount of conditioner to a clean cloth or sponge and rub the product on the surface to be treated until a pronounced shine.


Unisil Tire Conditioner contains only environmentally friendly materials: polymethylsiloxane liquid, surfactants, conditioning additives, preservatives.



- Do not apply to tire tread

- Do not use if the surface temperature is above +35°C

- Avoid working in direct sunlight

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