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19 April 2022

KOVA Roof (roofing and waterproofing mastic) is a two-component material consisting of a liquid silicone rubber base and a hardener.
At the request of the consumer, it can be additionally staffed with a *catalyst.
* Recommended amounts of catalyst in the working mixture depending on the temperature:

Temperature, °С

Amounts of catalyst, %

From 15 to 20

0,03 – 0,07

From 10 to 15

0,07 – 0,2

From 5 to 10

0,2 – 0,5

From 0 to 5

0,5 - 1,0

From 0 to minus 5

1 - 2,0

KOVA Roof has high fireproof properties: the mastic coating does not spread the flame, is slow-burning and difficult to ignite. Therefore, it can also be used at nuclear power facilities, where there are increased requirements for fire safety.

KOVA Roof can be applied to the following materials:
Concrete, metal, wood, oriented strand boards (OSB), asbestos cement, and mineral wool insulation.
KOVA Roof retains its properties and has a service life of up to 25 years.


Application of KOVA Roof:


Where to apply

How to apply

Applied for

Application experience of Hungarian Silicones

On flat and pitched roofs of buildings and constructions.


Metal surface:

·       clean to St2 or Sa 2.5 according to ISO 8501-1 and degrease.

Concrete surface:

·       clean the surface of the base from dirt, it is recommended to grind the surface;

·       remove dust with industrial vacuum cleaner;

·       the prepared concrete surface should be smooth, even, without grease stains, the moisture content of concrete in the surface layer to a depth of 20 mm should be no more than 4%.

Mastic preparation:

Introduce the hardener into the base in the amount of 4 weight parts of the hardener per 100 weight parts of the base and mix thoroughly. Before applying the first layer of mastic, use a primer. To prepare the primer, add about 30% xylene to the working mastic mixture and mix thoroughly again. Use the prepared working mixture at temperatures up to +20° within 1 hour from the moment of preparation. It is necessary to apply and level the material during this time. At higher temperatures, the pot life of the prepared mixture decreases.

At ambient air and substrate temperatures below 20°С, it is recommended to add a catalyst* to the prepared working mastic composition and mix thoroughly.

Mastic application:

Apply the mastic on the prepared surface by pouring, followed by smoothing with a rubber squeegee, spatula, roller or paint brush.

On the surface to be protected apply alternately (with intermediate drying for at least 12 hours at a temperature of +20°C) the following layers of mastic:

·         leveling layer (mastic consumption - 0.75 - 1.0 kg/m2);

·         an adhesive layer, on which, immediately after applying the mastic, lay a layer of fiberglass for roofing, which should then be rolled with a spiked roller (mastic consumption - 0.85-1.0 kg/m2, fiberglass consumption - 1.09 kg/m2);

·         filling layer (mastic consumption – 0.75 - 0.9 kg/m2);

·         decorative layer (mastic consumption - 0.6 - 0.7 kg/m2).

Carry out work in dry weather at a temperature not lower than +5°C. Moistening of the surface and exposure to precipitation is allowed no earlier than 12 hours (at a temperature of +20°C) after applying a layer of mastic.

For roof waterproofing.

Installation of a new roofing on the surface of concrete (traditional and inversion roofs), metal and oriented strand boards (OSB).


At nuclear power facilities.


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