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Silicone water repellent

28 June 2022

It is known that the impact of the environment negatively affects the durability of buildings and structures. As a result of moisture entering the pores of building materials, the process of destruction of the front surface of the facade finish occurs, the thermal insulation ability of the walls is significantly reduced, and a favorable environment is created for the development of fungus and mold.
Protection from this impact is one of the main tasks facing those who build and operate various buildings and structures. The main attention is paid to the fight against moisture, which in practice is carried out in such a way as hydrophobization.
Silicone water repellents are solutions of organic silicon (silicone) compounds diluted with water or other organic solvents.
The principle of action of water-repellent liquids is that water-repellent agents with the help of a carrier (water or solvent) penetrate deep into the material being treated and then create a water-repellent vapor-permeable layer that protects the structure from moisture penetration.
After application to the surface, the product is absorbed, solidifying inside. The capillary liquid is pushed to the surface, but the molecules can pass through the voids freely. Due to this, the treated material acquires a water-repellent ability without losing vapor permeability.
It is recommended to carry out work on hydrophobization only in warm and dry weather.
To treat the surface with this product, you need to prepare in advance: a water repellent solution; brush, roller or spray gun.
During hydrophobization, use a brush to get to hard-to-reach places in the building. To obtain a smooth surface, it is recommended to use a spray gun or a roller. Please note that the sprayer is considered the most economical option. 
Hungarian Silicones’ water repellents provide reliable protection of materials for a period of 10 to 15 years.   

Silicone water repellents significantly improve the following technical and operational characteristics of materials:
·       noticeably reduced water absorption (wetting), and not only in direct contact with liquids, but also when exposed to its atmospheric vapors;
·       eliminated the effect of capillary (hygroscopic) suction in direct contact with the ground;
·       increased resistance to atmospheric influences, biological, chemical corrosion, as well as other erosive degradation;
·       increased frost resistance;
·       efflorescence on surfaces is prevented;
·       significantly reduced intensity of formation of dark plaque on natural stone, wood, asbestos-cement sheets, ceramic tiles;
·       since the pores on the treated surface are not closed, the vapor permeability remains the same. There is no “greenhouse effect”, so the house can be protected from the formation of mosses and lichens.
The technology of treatment with silicone water repellents provides for three ways to use them:
·       Surface hydrophobization. In this case, a concentrate is applied to the surface of the ready material, previously diluted to a working solution (2-10% of the active substance). The application can be carried out in any way: spraying, pouring, dipping, using a brush or roller.
·       Volumetric hydrophobization. The treatment can be carried out both at the stage of preparing a building material (for example, by adding a product during the manufacture of gas blocks), and by impregnating the ready material, including forced injection of the product under pressure through holes ("holes") drilled in the material.
·       Combined hydrophobization, when the material is subjected to both volumetric and surface treatment.

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