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The results of our participation in the exhibition "Chemspec"

22 June 2014

June 18-20, an exhibition Chemspec, in which representatives of the company "Hungarian Silicones" Kft. participated together with technical representatives of Ukrainian companies that are part of the Corporation "Korona".
Over 100 companies from all over Europe participated in the exhibition, and, in our opinion, our first show was successful.
During these three days, we have met with our potential partners, companies such as: AzelisHungaryKft., Govi NV., KnaufInsulation, Solvadispolskasp. z o.o.
With the company DB Schenker we agreed on the supply of packaging and transportation services.
In addition, we found suppliers of raw materials to expand our production for medical purposes.
Next year we plan to visit and participate in other specialized exhibitions and events.



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